Each individual auction house determines whether or not they offer shipping on their items. When shipping is available, it is solely based on the auction houses terms and conditions.

Each individual auction house who places an item in our marketplace determines if and how they will ship said item to their buyer. The shipping charge is an additional expense that is automatically calculated when added to the purchase price, giving you your total for the transaction.

Purchase price + Shipping Charges = Total Price

Seller-Based Shipping

WAF doesn’t mandate that our sellers use a pre-defined shipping method. Instead, shippers are allowed to use a verified carrier such as USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Before you make a purchase, you’re able to view the seller’s shipping charges on each item that is listed on the item detail page.

Freight Services Available

In certain circumstances, a seller may only offer PICKUP ONLY due to the size and weight of the item. In this situation, no shipping would be offered and the buyer would need to arrange for a freight shipping company to pick up and deliver the item.