WAF’s primary goal is to create a safe environment where both buyers and sellers can be trusted within our innovative marketplace. We are committed to providing a secure community where both buyers and sellers connect with confidence.

We believe in two simple, yet important concepts:

1. Buyers and Sellers should be vetted to ensure they are who they say they are.

2. Buyers and Sellers should be held accountable for 100% honesty in buying and selling. However it is the buyer’s responsibility to do their due diligence in the items they’re bidding on. When you sell an item through an auction house licensed by WAF, we want you to sell with confidence that the buyers looking at your items are legitimate buyers, pre-screened by our technology to help make your sale a success.

How WAF Secures Our Marketplace

WAF, in coordination with your merchant processors, have developed a series of safeguards that help ensure our sellers are protected. WAF takes monitoring transactions for fraudulent behavior very seriously. Some of our security safeguards include:

• All of our licensed WAF Auction Houses are PCI Compliant.

• Ensuring that our merchant processing meets security requirements so that buyer credit card details are kept safe. Credit card numbers are never kept in our system – it is always secured by our credit card processing company.

• SiteLock and SSL 256-bit encryption secure.

• Securing Accounts & removing buyers that were previously banned.

• Monitoring unusual account activity by geolocation.

• Identifying profile / account changes that appear suspicious.

• Logging questionable / abnormal bids that have been retracted.

• Logging all bids with user and profile information.