Purchasing on WAF

WAF is a gateway where auction houses offer a virtually endless, and ever changing inventory from different sellers around the US. What will you buy today?

So, you’ve found your perfect item and you’re ready to buy it. Here’s what you can expect while completing your transaction:

First, if the item you were bidding on was part of a timed auction you will receive an email from the auction house alerting you of your winning bid / purchase. Invoicing is completed automatically, bidders receive invoices to the email address on file. On the invoice, you will find the complete payment details of all fees, taxes, and the final shipping cost, if applicable. Each auction house has the ability to edit the invoices to meet their individual needs. Please review all invoices.

WAF Is Safe – So Bid With Confidence!

The credit card industry sets specific standards for security and WAF 100% Guarantees Our Data and Transactions Are Secure. All WAF licensees are PCI compliant.

When buying it’s important to note that all of your financial information, including your actual credit card numbers, is fully encrypted and stored on First Data Merchant Services servers. This helps keep your information safe from hackers or people trying to gain access to that data.

WAF prides itself on being is one of the only auction house systems to protect your data the latest technology including firewalls, 256-bit encryption (for transmission of data) as well as fraud detection.