Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the different ways to buy using World Auction Federation?
A: At WAF we allow users to bid in real time, live auctions, timed auctions, purchase items instantly (Buy It Now) or submit offers to sellers to purchase items.

Q: Who is selling the products I am browsing at WAF?
A: Not every company can be a WAF member. We have a vetting process to ensure that you’re bidding experience will be the best that it can be. Our company works with a reputable auction companies and private dealers to create a dynamic, reputable online source for auctions. All sellers that you find on our site must submit applications and be approved before they are allowed to sell items on our site.

Q: Is WAF’s website secure?
A: WAF incorporates SSL Certificate for secure connections to our site. This allows us to protect buyer information and create an online space that can be trusted.

Q: How does an online auction work?
A: WAF online auctions can take place anywhere in the United States. In an online auction, sellers and consignors brings their items to the auction house, and the auction house uploads their inventory to their WAF platform website prior to the start of the auction. Then, when auction day – the live auction will start and bidders may bid on items in real time via their website. WAF does not control start and end times, check with each auction houses terms and conditions before you place any bids.

Q: How do I bid in an online auction?
A: Find the auction you want to bid in and then enter that auction to browse the individual items that are listed for bidding. You will be launched into the live event where you can both place prebids and bid live on items.

Q: What is a prebid?
A: Before a live auction begins, a prebid can be made before the event goes live and the item is displayed for bidding. Our system will represent your prebid against other online and onsite bids.

Q: Who conducts the live auctions on WAF?
A: The independent business owners, trusted auction companies, dealers and other asset owners

Q: Who am I bidding against?
A: In a live auction setting you may be bidding against people connected to WAF online or other bidders at the physical location where the live auction is taking place.