Advertising With Us

World Auction Federation is the leader in online auction house software. Using our network of auction house websites, you will have a 24/7/365 internet presence where our (insert traffic count) visitors have a direct connection to your banner advertisements that are created by our talented team of graphic designers. Visitors who are browsing online auction house sites are 25 times more apt to make an immediate online purchase than other viewers using traditional advertising vehicles. Over the last decade, auctioneers have learned that the best promotional online advertising method is consistent branded advertising with a Strong Call-To-Action (CTA) with a large number of impressions to ensure visibility across our extensive network. Our primary goal is to save you the frustration, time, and cost of online advertising.

Reliability : Our Sites Are Tested and Secure

All pages on our website, as well as those on websites we run, are valid HTML -- good, clean code that won't break. This ensures that your potential customers will be able to see your information instead of an error code. Additionally, we code our websites to perform well on mobile devices so that whether your customer is using a desktop or a phone they'll be able to view your advertisement without any problems.

Advertising Cost

Our banner advertisements come in 2 different sizes and placements. We offer both exclusive header banner ads as well as sidebar ads to maximize advertising space while not detracting from the auction house experience.

Weekly advertising Bi-Weekly and Monthly - pre-determined rate.
Design services are available contact our WAF advertising department for more information.